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Visit our Publishing Site Hula Ink

Hula Ink

We publish videos and books under our publishing site Hula Ink – we’re just getting started and hope to surprise you with a lot of interesting stuff soon!

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Visit the German version of our publishing site Hula Ink

Hula Ink (German)

In German too we publish videos and books under our publishing site Hula Ink – we’re just getting started and hope to surprise you with a lot of interesting stuff in German soon!

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Astrid and I write thrillers as Ule Hansen

Ule Hansen

My partner Astrid Ule and I write thrillers in German under the name Ule Hansen – they are available in the bookstores and on Amazon, and we are currently revamping our German website

Coming soon!

Visit Astrid Ule's writing and teaching website (German)

Astrid Ule

Here’s the German website of my writing and teaching partner Astrid Ule.

Coming soon!

This is where I teach
Creative Writing

The 13 Principles of Anglo-American Storytelling

The Big 13 on Video

I am currently creating a video series about the fundamentals of storytelling entitled “The 13 Principles of Anglo-American Storytelling.” Right now you can watch the 3-part introduction videos for free on my premium video channel at Vimeo.com/HulaInk

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Free Videos

I publish a series of free videos on creative writing on my new dedicated YouTube channel “Grumpy Old Writer” – they’re free and I ad more regularly – remember to subscribe!

I can help you write your book

Your Writing Coach

I coach select writers on their projects, in English and German from the early concept and outline stages right up to finishing and refining the prose. Contact me!

I teach online in German at Text-Manufaktur.de

Courses in German

I teach creative writing in a series of online courses for the prominent writing school Text-Manufaktur.de – visit their website for more information!

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