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Why I started Hula Ink

and what I hope to do with it

Every writer has one or two projects they feel they need to write, even though they know no one will pay for them.

We – a handful of writers and artists – founded our small publishing company Hula Ink to publish books and videos that are too small, quirky or off-market for traditional publishers – in other words, for projects that will probably not make any money.

We’re starting out with Eric’s books – he’s testing the waters, and he as the most projects he wants to publish independently.

We have several additional self-help books similar to “The George Washington Rulebook of Achievement” and “Gracian’s The Art of Worldly Wisdom,” as well as more illustrated poetry by Cornelius Cornelius.

This summer, our first German popular non-fiction book will appear in partnership with a traditional publisher, which will publish the print edition, while e-book will appear under the Hula Ink logo.

The next step is to publish books featuring the writing and illustrations of other partners.

If all goes well, these will include children’s books and crime fiction, in both German and English.

Our first three books

The George Washington Rulebook of Achievement

The Handbook for Success

I wrote this book because I needed it:

A handbook of life, a simple list of rules and principles you need when you’re trying to change yourself into the man or woman you want to be – 

one I could keep in my back pocket and page through it every once in while, when I lose sight of my goals and need to remember what I’m supposed to be doing here in this world.

Losing My Religion – the Book

Loving and Losing God

I was a believer – so much so that I went on a mission (to Germany) for the Mormon church. Then came the doubts, and I had to leave.

But just because you no longer believe in God doesn’t mean you don’t miss him.

A book about what really happens in the Mormon church, and a memoir about faith, doubt, and the hole that God leaves behind

You Will Find Love - The Book

For those who need love

My first book in German was a travelogue of a year-long trip through Germany in search of the Middle Ages (and yes, I found it).

There followed half a dozen non-fiction books, often about German culture through the eyes of an outsider, and then came the novels, most notably a trilogy of thrillers about a profiler in Berlin.

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