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that are important
to me now

I have lost faith in the public discourse – in the trends, in the demands, in the accusations, in the rhetoric, in the power-grabbing, in the brow-beating, in the posturing, in the believing-your-own-bullshit, in the me-me-me-ness of it all.

I reflect on what is important.

Becoming what you want to be.

Making your limited time worthy of the miracle of existence.

Listening to the soul, to the truth, to creation, to God or No-God. 

Happiness. Fulfillment. Giving. Seeing, feeling, speaking, experiencing. 


The Getting of Wisdom

I remember discussing this with my Dad: Is wisdom something you get when you are older, or does it have nothing to do with age?

I thought then I would be wise by now – I am not.

But I am old enough to tell the difference between truth and lie, wisdom and folly, sense and bullshit. I am old enough to recognize wisdom when I see it.

The Wisdom Project is my journey to find wisdom. It takes a variety of forms: audiobooks, videobooks, a podcast, and each form offers a different aspect of my search.

I look in the wise books of old and in the wise books of today; I will think and write about poetry and prose; I will speak to men and women who appear to have found a little piece of wisdom that they can share.

The time has come to stop trying to prove that I am a good writer and to find something the world needs and share it.