The Germans Have a Word for That

One word describes accurately the world we live in today

One word describes accurately the world we live in today

Chapter 2

Oh the horror of dis-disillusionment

Chapter 3

We talk about following you passion, but the Germans know what that word actually means.

Chapter 4

When you ‘re young, you chase after Big Love … but then you discover Little Love.

Chapter 5

When the hand fits the eye

Chapter 5

Can “luck” and “love” mean the same thing?

Chapter 6

When lust meets ice cream

Chapter 7

There is a fine line between courage and fear

Chapter 8

What do you do with a gallon of mouse milk?

Chapter 9

When that thing you spent so much money on just sits there and stares back at you

Chapter 10

it just fell into my head

Chapter 11

The violin of the ass

Chapter 12

When it’s unhealthy to succeed

Chapter 13

The great German art of vomiting

Chapter 14

What’s the half-life of half-knowing?

Chapter 15

That longing deep in your soul for something but you don’t know what

Chapter 16

When Max Liebermann watched the Nazis from his balcony

Chapter 17

Are carnal relations with your own knee a perversion or a skill?


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