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This book changed my life
What this book means to me and what I did to it
How to be a
Man or Woman
of Achievement

I came to a point in my life when I was more or less successful, but still not the man I wanted to be.

I began reading this book – one chapter each morning – and step for step, I began to change.

Here are some things the book covers:
– Luck and how to get it;
– How not to act the fool;
– How to discern friends from enemies;
– Persistence, style, charm, focus, priorities, service, values, goals, performance, success, achievement, excellence;

If you are a man or woman in search of achievement, you need to read this book.

We have begun looking for publishing partners in the US for this book – we will keep you updated!

The Thoughtfully

Everyone should read this book.

It is the world’s first great self-improvement book, written by a philosopher and Jesuit priest of 17th century Spain named Baltasar Gracian.

When it came to how you have to behave to be successful, Gracian hit the nail on the head – every word is as true today as it was 400 years ago.

The problem is the style.

There are a lot of translations out there, but they all transport Gracian’s baroque, convoluted style into English. I find myself rereading sentence after sentence.

In addition, there are a few anachronisms: For example, Gracian speaks only to “men.”

So I took an older, classic translation and re-edited it for simplicity and clarity:

My “Thoughtfully Modernized Edition” is easier to read and a bit more modern in the sense that I replaced “men” with “men and women” and explained a few outdated cultural references.

Now, the modern reader doesn’t have to reread every third sentence to figure out the meaning – and yet the prose is still as elegant and beautiful as ever.

To make this book accessible to everyone, I am going to publish it as print book, e-book, audiobook and as a video series on YouTube and (my premium channel).

Read this book. I changed my life and it will change yours.


Very short.
Very true


Very short.
Very true

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