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Life, love, cats
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Book: Do Cats Have Souls?

Every cat lover has gone through this:

Your beloved cat dies, and you grieve – maybe you even cry, and you excuse yourself to friends – “I’m so silly – she was only a pet.”

But was she just a pet? Or was she a deep, complex individual creature like we are?

Do cats think, feel, have free will as we do? Do they have souls as deep as ours? Do they love us back?

And while we’re at it – do we humans have a soul? What is a soul?

These are the questions I ask in this book of essays, stories and thoughts about love, life, the soul and cats.

We have begun looking for publishing partners in the US for this book – we will keep you updated!

Three Books
in 1
Book: The Soul

“Do Cats Have Souls” is really three books in one, all interwoven:

– A thoughtful essay about the human soul;

– A personal essay about cats and their souls,

and, just because I like cats,

– 12 cat tales, from the legends of Bastet and Muhammed’s cat to a cat horror tale and a cat murder mystery; from a cat’s Christmas present to a cat’s struggle to make sense of life, not to mention love stories that never would have happened, had it not been for cats.

Oh yes …

And for those of you who are tired of cat content and just want to read about the soul … the shorter book “The Soul” is what you’re looking for.

We have begun looking for publishing partners in the US for this book – we will keep you updated!

Book: the Art of Worldly Wisdom
Book: The Art of Worldly Wisdom
This book changed my life

I came to a point in my life when I was more or less successful, but still not the man I wanted to be.

I began reading this book – one chapter each morning – and it changed the way I saw myself. Step for step, I began to change.

Here are some things the book covers:
– Luck and how to get it;
– How not to act the fool;
– How to discern friends from enemies;
– Persistence, style, charm, focus, priorities, service, values, goals, performance, success, achievement, excellence;

I believe everyone should read this book – so I modernized it and making it available on a variety of platforms, from e-books to YouTube videos.

The Book: Losing My Religion
Love ’em or hate ’em
Book: Losing My Religion
The most American of religions

Sometimes, the things that are easiest to make fun of are the most interesting of all.

I believed in Mormonism, I even went on a mission for my faith – voluntarily, on my own dime, my two years on the streets of Germany.

Then I didn’t believe, and leaving the church was the hardest thing I ever did. Because I still loved it.

A book about Mormonism that is neither propaganda nor vilification, that tells explains the history, inner workings and misunderstood theology of the religion, but tells a personal story as well, without taking sides, is unusual.

But that’s the only kind of book that can tell the truth about Mormonism.