Through the Night with Cowboy Hat.
Berlin is all about nightlife. I enjoyed it in the Nineties, and the more the city changed, the more I wondered if it was still that same as it was back then. The small, short-lived magazine Berlin Block was wondering that too. So I grabbed a photographer and my cowboy hat and together we went out one weekend night to find out if it was still the same.
All Germans really want to be Indians.
The Germans today are radically different from the way they were between the wars. So different, it's sometimes hard to say what they're really like. For the monthly magazine Cicero, I tried to find out how the Germans thought by asking them who their heroes are. They don't like the word "heroes" because it reminds them of the Germans of the old days - but they still have them.
Every week another provocation.
Germans, especially intellectual and left-leaning Germans, tend to think in strictly politically-correct terms, and that makes it easy to provoke them. For the online edition of the prestigious German weekly newspaper Die Zeit, I write a weekly column provoking the readers and challenging them to look at themselves and the world in a different way.
Aloha Berlin!
Berlin is really a huge lost and found collection of weirdos, amateurs, cast-offs, runaways, dreamers and brilliant failures. For the Berlin radio station RadoEins I wrote a spoke a column about the strange Berlin, the surprising Berlin the Berlin that makes no sense - the real Berlin.
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