I write features, columns, interviews and satire for German and English publications.
Here's a story about exorcism in Germany I wrote for the Washington Post.While I was writing for Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, I wrote about film and media for other papers as well, including this one about Nazi propaganda films for The Independent.
Politics & satire (English).
I write a weekly column for Zeit Online in German, the online version of the prestigious newsweekly.

Politics, mainly. Here's an English translation of one column.
In 2008/09 I wrote and spoke a satirical radio column in German about weird Berlin.

Here's the English translation of three short episodes.
German Bureau Chief, The Hollywood Reporter (English).
After working for Variety in Munich a while, I signed on as the German bureau chief for The Hollywood Reporter in Berlin for 5 years. Germany is a major market and this was hard daily business reporting, but I also got in some reviews.The reviews (at left) are about a Hitler comedy and a Jewish comedy, the great war movie "Downfall" and the Stasi melodrama "The Lives of Others."

The feature (at right) is about the Studio Babelsberg.
German heroes and Berlin nightlife (English).
For the upmarket political magazine Cicero I wrote about American politics and - here - German heroes in German.

Here's the English translation.
For the short-lived but ambitious magazine Berlin Block I wrote about happiness, coming to Berlin and - here - about the city's nightlife in German.

Here's the English translation.
The great European experiment (English).
In the Nineties Robert Maxwell started up an ambitious pan-European weekly paper in English. That's where I got my start, writing about German culture and lifestyle from Munich.

It was great while it lasted!
German identity vs. Hawaiian identity (German).
For Germany's leading daily Süddeutsche Zeitung I wrote about the myth of Americanization.

(In German)
For the Frankfurter Rundschau I wrote about the island of Niihau in Hawaii, where the last natives still speak Hawaiian.

(In German)
Food culture and travel culture (German).
For the food magazine Effilee I write about restaurant history and culture and - here - about the Nazi roots of the organic food movement.

(In German)
For the prominent travel magazine Geo I took a trip through the Middle Ages in Bavaria.

(In German)
"Obama 2013" in English and German and some German stories from Morgenpost.
Tagesspiegel in Enlgish Tagesspiegel in German Morgenpost in German
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