Driving Through the Dark Ages.
Fighting with a broadsword is much like fighting with a club.

You get used to sleeping on straw.

Capitalism killed the aristocracy.
The flashiest jouster in the Middle Ages was a cross-dresser in armor.

The hero of the bloodiest epic of the Middle Ages was a heroine.
Planet Germany.
They look like you and me.

They act and speak like you and me.

But they're different.
The founding fathers of Germany are a Barbarian and an Indian.

They eat pineapple, ham and cheese and a cherry on toast.
66 Questions About Germany.
How do you seduce a Turkish woman?

Who was smarter, Shakespeare or Goethe?

Do Indians love Germans as much as Germans love Indians?
Would Hitler have won World War II with the help of the Jews?

Are there funny Germans?

Why do Germans understand Yiddish?
A Town Called Hole.
A penniless American trying to defraud an entire town.

A suicidal cow impregnator.

A town mayor has the best sex of his life.
A fat biker freezes at all the wrong moments.

A true theatrical genius loses his nose.

There really is gold buried here somewhere.
The Art of Bitching.
Bitching at home.

Griping in politics.

International whinging.
Lamenting in literature.

Belly-aching in bed.

Dissing in dialect.
Forbetter Your English.
I have butterflies in my stomach.

I understand only train station.

I have the ass open.
I believe an elk is kissing me.

It dropped into my head.

To me all is equal.
Planet America.
Why did Annie Edson Taylor go over the Niagara in a barrel?

Wasn't Nat Love just the greatest black cowboy ever?
Why did Johannes Kelpius have to wait for the end of the world in the wilderness?

What was John R. Brinkley's success rate curing impotence by transplanting goat testicles?
The Frightened Superpower.
By the middle of this century there will be at least three superpowers on earth; one of them will be Europe, and the Germans will be in charge. The time has come for them to stop belly-aching and pretending they are helpless victims of history and accept the responsibility the world has thrust upon them.
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