She draws.
These are her illustrations for "Planet Germany" (astronaut) and "German Quiz" (girl).

I love her simple, charming line that is sensual and has a wink in it, and the sense of satire she invests in her art and writing.

She's also illustrates for newspapers and ads - more on her website.
She was too mean for TV.
She started out writing in TV - for the German public broadcaster ZDF. Then she moved to Berlin to write for the East German award-winning political satire sketch show "Kaos." This is where she honed her satire skills - her political humor got pretty mean and I've seen some pieces of hers that really hurt. Which impresses me to no end. Alas, maybe she - and the others - overdid it. Only a few months after they ran a biting piece about the minister president of Saxony and his involvement with the Stasi, the show was taken off the air.
She's a good copywriter.
She went into copywriting - for the big agency GKM as well as freelance for others - and wrote funny and original copy for all kinds of customers... From sentimental beer breweries to naked men on trucks to giant electric sockets...

More here...
She's a good editor.
She also edits books - historical novels, thrillers and mainstream, mainly. Most German editors concentrate on details; she heads straight for the jugular. Her favorite
sentence we ever wrote (but mostly she wrote it) is here.

(Scroll down to "The Long Sentence.")
She came as Marie Antoinette. I came as the guy who goes to a Halloween party without a costume.
She was drinking to the demise of "Kaos" with a former colleague in the Zoulou Bar. I tried all night to get her telephone number. She didn't give it to me, but she told me about a Halloween party that weekend. For the first time in my life, I played it smart. I showed up with another woman and danced with her all night. By the end of the evening, Astrid was fuming with rage. That's when I swooped in for the kill. She didn't have a chance.
We write books together.
We discovered we both love all kinds of storytelling - fantasy and science fiction, kid's lit, mainstream fiction, satire and narrative non-fiction. We were clearly meant to write together. We wrote a couple of sitcoms for German TV and a movie for kids and a historical epic that we almost sold to Hollywood. The cop sitcom was produced so badly we still twitch every time we hear the words "German humor."
Soon we were collaborating on non-fiction books: We plan the structure together, decide on the attitude, voice, theme, what elements are important and what order they go in. I then write much of the rough draft. After that, we hand the drafts back and forth, rewriting each other until it's ready to go.

Her website.
Some of her favorite things.
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